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2017年12月5日 星期二

Feuille 的下一步

Project Feuille Next

Every event in life can transpire to concrete and precise learning, and with every learning, there is the room for metamorphosis and evolution.
For feuille food lab, this cannot be truer. For those of you who have taken a part in feuille's culinary journey, whether that you are diners or food service members, you understand that feuille does not operate full time even thought its culinary creations are meant to operate on a full time basis. With this format of operation, there are major difficulties.
a) First of all, the ability to acquire sufficient food staff members to ensure a smooth food production. The difficulty been the staff members have a full time job and their schedule is unable to accommodate an on- call basis. Feuille's dinner reservations are therefore required to be booked weeks in advance and do not allow flexibility for its guests and staff member's schedule also cannot be easily maneuvered.
b) Secondly, the staff member's training is insufficient and the fact that everyone learns at different pace requires practice and repetitions for an effective production output. The attention to details cannot be rushed and for every member to be able to breathe, operate, and choreograph their pace together as one individual at the precise moment during service requires more than just memorizations and know- hows. Relating to the first difficulty, additional practice again needs to be scheduled in advance and with early practice gives familiarity though does not guarantee that the staff will remember the correct procedures and cooking methods in the future.
c) Thirdly, ingredient acquisition is always obfuscated and challenging. Specific ingredients are not available on the market although they are commonly ubiquitous. For example, chive flower stalks are common ingredients during the summer, but due to the consumption habit, chive flowers are never allowed to bloom before they are harvested. Acquiring the flower parts of the plant therefore remained elusive and out of reach despite the effort to cultivate them directly on site in feulle's studio. Contract farming is an option; however such operation requires large amount of crop to be purchased solely for the studio. At the current serving ratio, feuille has no output to disgest these additional crops. The consumers' habit has a large impact on the structure, availability, and logistics of the produce to be sold on the market. The proprietor of large produce enterprise limits the accessibility of specific items to the consumers based on the product turn- over rate and large profit margin. Therefore, most items are seen in the fields, but are never able to be purchased directly. When it comes to particular national holidays or festivals, large inventories are removed to make room for holiday or festival related products, such as moon cake, ready-to-be-grilled meat skewers or New Year candies and sticky cake. Condiments, special produce that are generally available suddenly cease to exist and become quite scarce to acquire.
Another interesting consumer habit to be noted is that despite the abundance of supermarkets, there is still an inclination to shop at the traditional markets which often do bear more selections and varieties with noticeable quality than its commercial counterpart. Age group plays a distinguishing factor in the consumer habit stratum: younger generation tends to shop in the supermarkets for a quick fix food whereas the older generation, particularly has a preference to favor the traditional market despite the fact that some traditional stalls clearly have no sanitary practices, such as basic HACCP plans, and butchered meat lacks proper storage practice and refrigeration equipment.
d) Feuille is intended as a premise to share the joy of its researched cuisines. Due to the availability of the sufficient personnel and the time required for the creation and testing of each dish, feuille is often not able to accommodate more guests at one time. Since many dishes draw on feuille's food philosophy to imitate, surprise , and interact with its diners, many tools, staging items, or props have to be created rather than purchased. Some items are just non- existent and to suit feuille's needs, we often have to be creative; for example, plastic molds that resemble the shells of walnuts, oysters, and eggs are something we have to create ourselves.
I have always stressed the fact that feuille is not a restaurant. Its current format allows time to research new dishes so that during each tasting event, there are always new items available on the menu. Such practice relates to my habit of eating new and non repetitive items on a daily basis and I very much would like to keep feuille's dishes renewed based on that concept. Another reason that feuille does not operate full time is to allow my sufficient travelling abroad to acquire new inspirations for new dishes to be created. Travelling has always been an important part of my life that helps shape the flavors, textures, ideas, and stories behind each feuille's dish.



c) 第三,食材獲取總是一種混亂和挑戰。
feuille的料理工作室裡現場種植,花卉部分仍然難以捉摸,且遙不可及。農業契種是一種選擇然而這樣的操作使得feuille工作室需要大量的購買。按照目前的服務比例,feuille無法消化這些額外的農作物。消費者的習慣會改變銷售的產品跟結構,對於可用性和物流性也有很大的影響。大型農產品生產企業者根據產品的周轉率和利潤率,限制了消費者對特定產品獲得的容易性。因此,大部分項目都是在田裡看得到,但永遠無法直接購買到。遇到假日或特殊節日的時候,大量庫存將被下架,以便為節日或與其有關的產品提供空間,如月餅、烤肉串或新年糖果和年糕。通常可以買到的調味品、特殊產品突然不復存在,變得相當稀缺。 另一個值得注意的消費習慣是,儘管有大量的超市,消費仍然傾向於傳統市場購買,這些市場往往比超市有更多的品種選擇和明顯的量。依照年齡區分消費者習慣當中有著一樣明顯的不同:年輕一代傾向於在超市中購買快餐,而老一代則偏愛傳統市場。儘管一些傳統攤位顯然沒有衛生如基本的HACCP計劃,以及屠宰肉類缺乏適當的儲存措施和製冷設備。

d)  Feuille的目的是為了分享其研究的美食。


feuille日常工作的一部分。我們將開放多個可預訂的用餐位置和飲料搭配提供給民眾選擇。Feuille Next將為其季節性菜單提供兩種選擇,讓客人更容易品嚐到feuille的美食。Feuille Next將是未來幾個月的重要項目,對於那些可能有興趣成為feuille的職員或想詢問的人,我們鼓勵您直接聯繫feuile飲食實驗室。