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2017年10月18日 星期三





2018 5月再見!


By Tim H.

We have just completed April’s tasting service. On the last day of our service, we cleaned out our fridges and had each chef whipped into action to create their dishes of the day for the staff meals. Somehow, to me, this was the most triumphant moment to see each chef gather up whatever strength he/she can muster and put their creative juices into action to feed these hungry stomachs. And I must say, our staff meals were rather luxurious and extravagant in its own way; owing much thanks to these talented chefs and their dedication to the feuille’s service.
As the staff staggered to sit down with exhaustion for their meals at this day’s very late hour, I felt a sense of bonding and happiness for them; even though a few chefs were just newly recruited. It felt as though we have battled fierce and well beyond together and that we were lifetime comrades, sharing a common unspoken objective. We were then families. Everyone functioned like a well oiled and coordinated machine, bringing the best to the table for our patrons. And I have each of them to thank for; without them, feuille never would have existed. They are the true heroes and heart of feuille. They are my nourishment during the difficult service moments. There were laughter at the table; food were exchanged, and a few simple bottles of red and white, along with the nutritious, freshly prepared food brought ease and alleviated some exhaustions. That was the atmosphere I wish my staff to experience, a sense of belonging, bonding, and caring for each other. As the day wound down, some of them will have other plans in the upcoming months and I wish the best and success to all of them. Should they ever need my assistance, I shall most ungrudgingly lend them a hand. Until the next service… my dear patrons and comrades, au revoir!